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Digestive health strategies WITHOUT expensive lab work or complicated programs that take over your life and make you miserable

Heartburn, bloating, or pooping problems can make you tired
and cramp your style. The cause: Many factors!

You may be ingesting foods that you don’t tolerate well, you may not be absorbing crucial nutrients, or not eliminating toxins & waste efficiently.

You’re not alone…
We can help.

Welcome to where you’ll find easy-to-follow, no-nonsense digestive advice that can finally bring you relief from the digestion & elimination challenges that keep you feeling stuck, irritable, and concerned.


Using signs in the eyes and on the body, we identify the exact issues affecting YOUR digestive health. This gentle, non-invasive methodology is used to work out how, when and where to begin repairing the damage, and restoring balance to your body.


Clean out any old toxic matter that’s been hanging around interfering with your health. By repairing the damage you’re able to absorb nutrients again… this allows your body the breathing room it needs to replace old cells with clean, healthy cells.


Create your custom plan to replace the missing ingredients needed to get your system running smoothly again. These may be in the form of enzymes, probiotics, vitamins, minerals or even essential fatty acids. This is unique to YOU –  there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution.

Fast Relief


We’ve been doing ‘detective work’ on hidden health issues for over 20 years. Experience has repeatedly demonstrated to us that the majority of these problems are digestion-related and you can get relief in a matter of days.

We completely understand how depressing it can be to suffer in silence from digestive problems that disrupt your life and leave you feeling hopeless.

The good news is most of our clients report a significant reduction of symptoms within 3-7 days.

And that’s just the beginning…

Easy to Implement


We believe that reclaiming your health should make life EASIER, not harder.

That’s why you WON’T find us recommending extreme or complicated programs that take over your life and make you MORE miserable!

You are UNIQUE…  You may restrict certain foods for religious reasons, customs or beliefs. You may have food intolerances… even allergies. You may like to hit the gym, or prefer to take a walk. Even the climate you live in has an impact on your requirements.

So naturally your custom program is specifically designed to honor YOUR own preferences, limitations, and lifestyle.

Longterm Results


We’ve got filing cabinets full of client success stories… people loving their life again, feeling great for the first time in years, getting back to their social lives, avoiding the need for surgery, and all things in between.

It’s our job to help YOU discover how YOU achieve balance… while taking into account your specific issues.

There are no cookie-cutter answers… BUT we firmly believe that there IS a solution that can work for YOU.

You absolutely deserve long-term, vibrant health and all the energy you need to fall in love with your life again.

Firsthand Experience


I’m Leah Finlay and I personally struggled with health problems since childhood. I completely understand what it’s like to feel defeated and overwhelmed by health issues that no-one can seem get to the bottom of.

For years I tried everything from restrictive diets to invasive treatments and disgusting potions (ugh)! I know exactly how it feels to experience endless rounds of doctor/naturopath/homeopath visits and well-meaning advice from friends that does NOT get results. That’s why I’m so passionate about sharing my simple 3-step method that finally DID work, with YOU.

Download your copy below of my popular ‘3-Step Gut Repair Guide’ and start getting the information you need to feel great in your body and fully enjoy your life again.

For six years I had been suffering with seasonal allergies and bowel challenges that made it impossible to enjoy life.

I was very frustrated as doctors found nothing during my physicals but Leah quickly got to the root of the problem.

Despite attention to my diet and an expensive vitamin/mineral regime, I was quite malnourished. I was shocked when she diagnosed parasites in the bowel – but she was right!

Within 3 months my system was cleaned and repaired so that real healing could finally begin.

I’m so happy now my allergies are almost non-perceptible, and I can finally count on a decent night’s sleep again. Thank you Leah!

Alfonso C.

Working with Leah changed EVERYTHING for me!

Before Leah tiredness and lack of energy ruled my life. On the way home from work I would think about pulling over to have a sleep – I was overweight, craving sweets and my finger nails were so brittle I had to have false nails just so my hands would look nice. I had no interest in going out with friends or to the gym – and I just didn’t care what I looked like.

Now I have more energy than I know what to do with! My grandchildren call me a Young Grammy. I run and play with them – I even tried ice skating. I feel more at peace and I actually love myself for the first time in many years. Leah has inspired me in so many ways.

I can sum up how I feel in one word… “WONDERFUL!”

Donnalee S.

I was bloated, constipated, suffering from acid reflux and had recurring pain in my right side. I struggled through my days feeling sluggish, crabby and moody.

Even though I limited myself to small meals, it would just sit right there and not go away. That constant discomfort combined with my bad mood really affected my social life…

I would think, “Why go out for dinner and spend a lot of money? I’m not really going to enjoy it and I’ll just suffer afterwards.”

Now the acid reflux is completely gone, bowel movements are regular and easy, I have great energy and… I’m HAPPY again!  😀

Working with Leah has definitely been a life-changer.

Kristie T.

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