Hi, I’m Leah Finlay, also known as the ‘Digestion Queen’, and I’m the girl who gets you “poopin’ properly”. The reason for this is because, if your plumbin’ aint workin’ Honey, nothin’s workin’, right?

Think of it this way…
If the plumbing in your house backs up it will cause all kinds of discomfort and lead to serious health issues; you either fix it or you move out! If your intestines get all backed up this will also cause you all kinds of problems! You must clean it up and repair it…or else… where are you going to live? 

For over 20 years now, sufferers wanting to overcome bloating, heartburn, headaches, lack of energy and overall zest for life, have sought after me for my no-nonsense, strategic health advice. Even those with serious diagnoses like IBS, Diverticulitis, and Colitis, have successfully reversed their condition using my method. What a relief!

Thousands of clients throughout North America have found fast relief from symptoms, and have progressed into achieving total digestive health harmony! I’m a Certified Iridologist and SHO-TAI® Practitioner, and I specialize in developing a custom, practical, easy-to-follow health plan for each individual client. This suggested protocol delivers fast relief from symptoms – WITHOUT expensive lab work, radical dietary change, or complicated programs that take over your life.

You see, I struggled with health problems since I was a child, and I understand what it’s like to feel defeated and overwhelmed by symptoms that no-one can seem to get to the bottom of. Among my list of complaints was chronic pain, fatigue, and constipation, never mind the many reoccurring episodes of rashes, panic attacks and strep throat infections. I was a mess! And, I didn’t even know that these were related to digestion.

I had tried everything… from restrictive diets, to invasive treatments to disgusting potions (ugh!) and experienced firsthand the frustration of endless doctor/naturopath/homeopath visits that did NOT get results.

That’s why I’m so passionate about sharing, with YOU, my simple 3-step method that finally DID work!

(Please, take a few minutes to learn more about my health challenges and the exact steps I took to overcome them in this informative VIDEO)

Now, I have a special invitation for you. Each week I offer a limited number of complimentary, no-obligation confidential Discovery Sessions that will help you identify your #1 health challenge, and determine if I’m the right health advisor to help you reach YOUR health and wellness goals.

Just a friendly warning… once we talk about poop, we’re family and I’ll expect a hug! Okay, all kidding aside, at the very least, you’ll walk away from our meeting feeling clearer about your ability to improve your health, and reclaim your energy and love of life! Click here to apply for your complimentary session NOW.