The 4 Critical Stages of Digestion – are you efficient in all four?

Your small and large intestine is responsible for absorbing nutrients from your food into your blood stream, and eliminate the waste matter from your body. There are several stages to digestion, but to keep things simple let’s break it down into 4 easy steps…

Ingestion – what you put in your mouth must be compatible with your body.

Digestion – you must break down matter into small enough particles to enter your bloodstream.

Absorption/Assimilation – food particles must be small enough to enter the blood stream without putting tears in your lining.

Elimination – you must be efficiently getting rid of waste matter.

I’m going to be explaining all four stages in a lot more detail in the posts to come, so keep an eye open for my 3 Part “Digestion Series”. I’m here to help you so you know what to watch for, avoid, and swap, with the goal of preventing issues or correcting your system.

You see, when any of these 4 steps are challenged you can develop painful and embarrassing symptoms, or even worse… a life changing bowel disorder. And the sad thing is, most people wait until they can no longer function before seeking help from their Doctor.

The most common treatments are:

– medication, along with their nasty and dangerous side effects.

– surgery, where they cut you open and remove parts and cause other issues not to mention the painful downtime needed to recover.

Yes, Doctors can understand and treat the symptoms, yet never actually treat the root cause.

I think you’ll agree, a better method would be to help you assist your body in its natural functioning and healing process.

That is where I come in. I understand the reasons why these things happen and I can help you come up with a natural way to relieve these symptoms and get back to a life free of pain and concern.

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Remember, health is a matter of choice, not chance.
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