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The first step is an in-depth examination of your fingernails, skin, tongue, and eyes – this can be done with photographs from your camera/iPad/phone or via detailed descriptions over the phone or Skype. The power of modern technology means that an office visit is not necessary. We will also take a health history after your initial analysis is complete. This gentle, non-invasive methodology is used to determine THE CAUSE of your symptoms and the METHODS for reversing them.

Examine the iris, pupils, and whites.

The skin, fingernails…

And the tongue.

*Symptoms are a signal from your body that something is wrong.

Your custom program

Following analysis we will create your custom 90-day health program.

Your program will be unique to YOU… one size DOES NOT fit all!

We also believe that reclaiming your digestive health should make life EASIER, not harder. That’s why your program will be specifically developed to accommodate YOUR preferences, limitations and lifestyle.

There is no need to go through an unpleasant or even harsh healing crisis during this process. Your program is designed to be very easy to add to your day. Everything is laid out for you in a step-by-step plan – you will be very clear on the what, when, where, and how of making this transition very simple.

  • Your custom program will gently clear out any old toxic matter that’s been hanging around interfering with your health… so you’re able to absorb nutrients again and replace old cells with clean, healthy cells.
  • We will fine-tune your program by adding the missing ingredients you need… to have you running smoothly again. These may be in the form of enzymes, probiotics, vitamins, minerals or even essential fatty acids – it really depends upon YOUR personal requirements.
  • We will determine your individual Do’s and Do Not’s (including foods and supplements that may or may NOT be beneficial for YOU at this time). This will give you a clear plan for what is best for you to eat and what to avoid… as well as what to supplement, how much to take, when to take it, and for how long.



“Restoring your digestive system is a lot like restoring a classic car…

Before and After

Start by cleaning out what’s under the hood, get everything running the way it should and before you know it…

you’re good as new, going down the road turning heads!”

~Leah Finlay

Follow up and support

Once we set up your personal health protocol we won’t leave you hanging…

Along your wellness journey we’ll be giving you many tips and tweaks that you will find extremely helpful. We’re committed to making this process as effortless and enjoyable as possible.

Within 2 weeks we’ll schedule your first 1:1 follow-up visit to make any adjustments needed and ensure you’re on track, plus answer any questions you might have.

Then, towards the end of your 90-day program, we’ll arrange your second 1:1 follow-up visit making sure your momemtum is maintained and assessing your improvements in health and energy.

All the while you will enjoy unlimited email access to Leah and the Simple Digestion Solutions Health Library.

You’ll also be entitled to membership of our Private Facebook Group – a supportive network of awesome people committed to their digestive health and wellbeing.

We’re SO excited to be a part of your journey back to the health and lifestyle you deserve.

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